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A Deeper Look Into our Best-Selling Premier Hair Bundles from The Hair Mogul

Brazilian hair bundles come in an array of lengths and with natural tones similar to most natural hair colors. Brazilian hair is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. It has a medium shine, which will blend perfectly with most natural hair textures. It is also known for being smooth and soft and holds it natural curl pattern better than any other hair on the market. This type of hair can last 2+ years with proper care. It doesn't require special maintenance.

Malaysian hair bundles have a natural sheen which lessens after the first 2-3 co-washes the shine and actually conforms to the sheen of your natural leave-out, if you have any. The natural wave will not loosen or drop after considerable amounts of time which makes this the perfect go-to style for daily wear! You’ll be fabulous from morning to evening! The key to maintaining this hair while your wearing it is to avoid using oil based sprays witch can give the hair a “wig-gy” look that no one wants! Because of its texture and density, Malaysian wave is great for full-bodied weave and extension styles.

Peruvian hair bundles are slightly coarser and thicker in texture than Brazilian and Malaysian hair bundles. Since it is derived direct from India, it tends to blend well with normal African-American relaxed or straightened hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. The great thing about Peruvian hair is its ability to transform to be as voluminous as you’d like while also being lightweight. So whether you wear 5 bundles or 2.5, bundles, it is still light and manageable. Peruvian hair is the ideal choice for straight, edgy or short weave styles.

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